The Travel Project

    Don't Think of a Visit to The
    Holy Land as a Once in a Lifetime Experience.

    Think of It as an Experience to Live Over and Over Again.
    See the Holy Land as a  Place To Refresh Your Body, Your Mind and Your Soul.TM

Too many Christians think of a visit to the Holy Land as a once in a lifetime event . . . at best.

Our Holy Land Visits Project is trying to change that kind of thinking and convince people to start thinking of the Holy Land as a place to go to refresh their mind and their body  . . . as well as their soul.

To think of it as a place they WANT to visit over and over again and not as a place they SHOULD visit once.  A place to which to connect, and not as a place to visit as they would a museum.

Yes, of course, the Holy Land is home to some of the most precious historic places and structures of our Christian heritage.  And they should be visited for the inspiration and transformative spiritual experiences they provide. 

But visitors should not miss the opportunity to meet and connect with Christians who live there and the Christian communities that have been situated there since the dawn of Christianity. 

Nor should the miss the opportunity to learn about the Jewish and Muslim societies, and the Israeli and Arab societies in which these minority Christian communities live.

And the Holy Land is also a place to enjoy.  Christians visitors should consider partaking in these enjoyments and thereby make greater the likelihood they will return.  These can include beach activities, hiking, biking, (affordable) art galleries, opera, ballet and fine (affordable) restaurants, among other things.

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Experience the Holy Land as a place to visit over and over again
to refresh your body, your mind and your soul.

View high definition aerial and ground shots of the most important Christian sites in the Holy Land,
including Holy Sepulchre, Temple Mount, Tabgha, Mt. Beatitude, Jordan River and more