Our Supported Charities and Churches in the Holy Land

There are many small, local, effective organizations trying to make life better for the Christian Communities in the Holy Land.  And in doing so, they act as a counter to the forces driving Christians from the Holy Land.  Many of these organizations struggle financially and have limited or no access to sources of funding outside the Holy Land. 

We have selected a few of them (and we intend to add to this number on an ongoing basis as soon as we are able).  We hope you will help us help them, of course.  But in addition, we hope you will contact them directly through mail, emails and visits when you visit the Holy Land.  We invite you to get connected with them and stay connected with them.  Let them know about your concern and interest.  Click here to visit our Bookstore for further reading about Christians in the Holy Land.

To help us support these charities Click here. Your donation of $40 or more to help us support them will also include a participation in the dedication of the Christian Forest on Mt. Tabor.  Click here for more information about that participation.  And to find out why our minimum suggested donation to help us support Holy Land churches and charities is $40, click here.

We ask you to think of the Christian Communities in the Holy Land when you, a loved one or friend celebrate Christian life cycle and other events, such as weddings, graduations, confirmations, baptisms, Christenings, or anniversaries for example, and to use those occasions to make a donation to help us to support these local Holy Land churches and charities and to participate in the dedication of the Christian Forest on Mt. Tabor.

The event that you celebrate with your support will be memorialized both in a beautiful certificate that we will send to you as well as in a Book of Dedications which will be on public display in the Holy Land.  You can visit it and the Christian Forest you helped to dedicate when you visit the Holy Land.

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In Memory of Father Majid Atallah

Father Majid Atallah died in the summer of 2008.  Father Majid led a life of such selflessness that it is not inappropriate to compare him to a Saint. His passing has left this world a poorer place.

Father Majid was born in Haifa in 1932.  In 1940 his family moved to Nazareth and it is there he spent the rest of his life in service to us all.   Father Majid's major (but far from only) life work was leading and nurturing the Catholic Scout Movement in Israel.  And for that he was nationally recognized.  After long association with the Scouts, Father Majid decided to enter the priesthood and was ordained in 1994, just a few days short of his 62nd birthday.  He continued his work with the Scouts. 

After he was ordained, with the help of his daughters, he founded the Almahabbi Club.  Initially this was a club for children from ages 4 on up which met on Sundays after mass to help them understand how to live and behave in a Christian way in service to the entire community.  The club expanded in scope and purpose to include children from Moslem and Jewish families on weekdays.  Imagine these children spending time in each other's homes as part of the club activities. 

In addition rooms at the club's headquarters serve to house pilgrims to Nazareth, encouraging Christians of all denominations from all over the world to visit, and connect with, the Holy Land and the Christian Communities in the Holy Land.

Today the club is run by a priest who was assigned to carry on Father Majid's work.  His wife Amaal and his daughter Wedad remain actively involved. 

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ALAML Organization of Contemporary Dance-Nazareth

ALAML was founded and is run by Wedad Atallah, a daughter of Father Majid.   ALAML received its not-for-profit status in October 2008 and began operations with ballet classes for 300 children.  The classes are held in facilities rented from the Nazareth YMCA., which Wedad refurbished, with friends, into lovely dance studios. You can only imagine the work, the determination and the dedication required for Wedad to bring this dream to life. She is a proud legacy to Father Majid.

Space is cramped, to be sure, but the community now has a resource for children that will enhance their lives.  We believe it is destined to become a revered institution in Nazareth that will effect for the better innumerable lives. And it will provide a reason for Christians to remain in the Holy Land and, perhaps, to return to it.  The Christian Communities in the Holy Land need people like Wedad and institutions like her dance school.  She and her work are more than deserving of your support. 

The Educational Ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land

"We are asking the world to help . . .  Christians [living in the Holy Land] stay in their country," said Lutheran Bishop Munib Younan, pleading for assistance with education, job creation and housing and with Christian institutions that could serve Palestinians in general.

The ELCJHL Schools and Educational Programs are the educational ministry of the ELCJHL, designed to meet the needs of all the people as a whole. In embracing and empowering students and families in the region from all religious, economic and social backgrounds, the programs provide the opportunity to live and to learn under the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As each person is created in the image of God, the freedom and dignity of each person is inviolate; we are thus called to accept each other’s gifts, talents and weaknesses.

The work of the ELCJHL Schools and Educational Programs is guided by nine overarching goals that form and shape all that we do:

  1. To develop wholesome, creative, and innovative students through a holistic approach to education that addresses their needs and develops their talents, competencies, inclinations, and ability to cope in an ever-changing world.
  2. To integrate peace education and culture, reinforce democracy, and encourage tolerance, co-existence, love, and respect toward others.
  3. To ameliorate the communication process and encourage exchanges with local and international communities.
  4. To mold and reinforce national and Christian identity.
  5. To provide quality and innovation in teaching and learning
  6. To create a healthy, motivating, stimulating and nurturing school environment.
  7. To appreciate individual differences and assist in integrating students with special needs and/or disabilities in the school and the community.
  8. To reinforce and support the role of women in society.
  9. To be financially responsible.
The Martin Luther Community Development Center in the Old City now serves daily 40-50 people and will soon expand its services. The Al-Mahaba Kindergarten on the Mount of Olives serves 25 children

The Committment to hope continues through promoting the values of
an Affirming Community
Holistic Approaches

The Nazareth Christian Ladies Charity Society

In 1935 a group of women in Nazareth responded to the plight of Christian families in Nazareth that were in desperate need of support. Initially they focused their efforts on helping the elderly women in the community.  They made a significant impact and their drive and determination to be of service was handed down to generation after generation of successors. 

Today the Nazareth Christian Ladies Charity Society has grown into a government registered not for profit organization that embraces all five churches in Nazareth, including the Roman Catholics, Maronites, Greek Orthodox, Anglicans, and Catholic Melechites.  The Society assists all members of the Christian Community in meeting the most basic needs of health and education, including an annual drive to provide uniforms and books for children in the community to get a Christian education.

However, in recent years prevailing conditions in Nazareth and the Holy Land have resulted in insufficient funds to meet the needs of the community. This lack of funding has meant that many of the Society's activities, and ambitions, had to be scaled back. With your help, this truly pan-Christian group can continue to serve the Christian Communities in the Holy Land and provide crucially needed support to all the Christians living in Nazareth.

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Christ Church School, Nazareth

Christ School, Nazareth is in urgent need of expansion and renovation to accommodate the current enrollment and the upcoming needs of the Arab youth in the city.   Dedicated to equal opportunity for Arab students, and for peace education within the school system, Bishop Suheil Dawani and the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem moved forward to meet the needs by initiating construction with the first half of the costs incurred by the Diocese.  The Diocese of Jerusalem is now asking friends and supporters to step forward to assist with the remaining half of the costs of construction as an investment in peace, justice, equality, and opportunity for the Arab speaking population of Nazareth. 

The Diocese of Jerusalem invests in the peaceful and productive future of all Israeli citizens by promoting and providing quality education for its Arab minority.  Bishop Dawani and the Diocese of Jerusalem invite you to invest in mutual respect, opportunity, and peace for all by supporting Christ School in Nazareth. 

With the mandate from Jesus to ‘love one another as I have loved you’, the Diocese continues to stretch its resources to meet the increasing needs of educating the next generation of leaders.  In Nazareth, where Muslim, Christian, and Bedoin families are served, there is a waiting list of children hoping for a better education, and parents depending on the Diocese to give their children an equal chance at a promising future. 

Education is dignity and equal opportunity.  It is the promise of a future, necessary for professional and competitive employment.   It is critical for sustaining the local Christian population in the Land of the Holy One.   It is vital for building a healthy society.   

For peace in the Middle East, education is hope.   In a region of conflict, Diocesan schools teach mutual respect and cooperation.  In a land of faith, its schools reinforce the brotherhood of our common heritage in Abraham.   In world of increasing radicalism, its schools open minds.

For global stability, education is hope.  Internet technology offers alternatives to people in politically controlled environments.  Fundamentalism and fear are eradicated by knowledge and familiarity.  Scientific research in one region brings life saving discoveries to millions around the world. 

The Diocese needs you to invest in justice by equalizing educational opportunities for Arab-Israeli citizens.   It needs you to invest in peace by increasing its capacity to offer hope to disadvantaged children.   The Diocese needs you to invest in your own future by investing in an educated global society.  

Good things do come out of Nazareth … Please help the Diocese of Jerusalem to honor the Nazareth parents of today by saying ‘yes’ and caring for their children, our leaders of tomorrow.

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Instituto Educativo Assitenziale S. Anna
St. Anne's School and Monastary

St. Anne's school is located in Zippori (Sepphoris) which, according to tradition, was the home of Joachim and Anna, the parents of Mary, the mother of Jesus. The school began in 1924 in three rooms as a resident school for girls at a time when girls were normally not permitted to attend school.  The School expanded in 1948 in reaction to the widespread poverty in the area at that time. In the 1970's the School expanded its purposes to provide for "troubled" girls,  including those in trouble with the law or whose families felt they could no longer deal with certain behaviors.  Also in the 1970s the school added a facility in Nazareth to serve boys.

But it is a day to day struggle to assure funds sufficient to meet the needs of the children St. Anne's served.  Your help is needed.

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Salvatorian Sisters Greek Catholic School

The student body at the Salvatorian Sisters' Greek Catholic School in Nazareth is comprised of 1550 boys and girls from kindergarten through high school. 85% are Christian and 15% Muslim.  Students learn English,  Arabic and Hebrew as a regular part of the curriculum.

The school promotes mutual understanding and tolerance among the children and their families as well as
 among other segments of the society.  The school is also an innovator, when it has the funds to do so. For example the school created a joint project with one of the most prestigious Jewish high schools in Israel, where the students produced a very polished film on Arab-Christian-Jewish relationships.  The school discovered, however, that before such a project could begin, the teachers from both schools required some learning in cross-cultural understanding, and so a program to provide that training was immediately created. 

The school believes that limited resources do not excuse compromises in quality.  So, while class sizes are generally large to accommodate the many students, this is viewed just another problem that must be addressed in achieving and maintaining the highest quality education.  To that end, for example, teachers are evaluated annually, something that is very unusual in the area.  And the students are held accountable for their academic performance also.  They are taught to "come to school as a verb, not a noun."

Further, the school opens it facilities to the community at large.  For example the school's auditorium is made available to a ballet school.  And this reflects the school's desire to produce broadly educated graduates.  Each student is exposed to classical music and sports that are not common to the area (such as volleyball and ping pong, to help assure a well rounded education is provided.

The school remains in need of funds for scholarships to help support its open admissions policy.  Funds to provide for an orchestra remain a dream for now.  With your help we can assist in making this, and more, a reality.

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St. Maron Maronite Church

St. Maron Maronite ChurchWhen this congregation was forced to find a new home, the entire Christian communiThe Unfinished Community Facilitiesty came together to help them raise funds.  The result is a beautiful church that truly belongs to all Christians.  But funds have been exhausted, with the facilities to serve the community's needs remaining incomplete.  You can see them, the bare cinderblock structure in the picture on the right of this paragraph.

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The Holy Family Hospital

The Holy Family Hospital is a general public hospital located in Nazareth serving almost 200,000 people from Nazareth and the surrounding villages on a non-discriminatory basis, including Christians, Jews, Moslems, Cherkesians and Druze. The employees in the hospital are from a variety of religious backgrounds as well.

In addition, the Hospital
has opened a channel with the Palestinian authority through the Jenin hospital to admit and treat patients from the Jenin area.
Emergency Room Entrance Holy Family Hospital

The hospital receives no governmental funding.  Notwithstanding being chronically short of funds, new, energetic management which came on board in the last six years has transformed the hospital into a high quality teaching facility and has inaugurated such new capabilities as a comprehensive breast care center in  2002.  By 2005 the Center had provided almost 6000 mammography, 2500 breast ultrasound examinations and 500 core biopsies. 70 Cases were diagnosed as a breast cancer and all of them were treated.  And it must be emphasized that this is only one of the areas in which the Hospital has grown, innovated and increased the services it provides.

Financially the Hospital has come to operate with a balanced budget through sound management and realized efficiencies.  However limited funds place extreme constraints on the Hospital’s ability to grow to serve a growing population and to assure it employs the latest technological medical equipment.  Developing new capabilities and projects including new technology is very expensive and well above the financial ability of the hospital to reach.

Your help is needed.  It is needed not only to grow but also to maintain the acute hospital care and long term admission beds that the community so desperately needs, including nursing and complicated geriatric beds, chronic ventilated patients, psychiatric and others.

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The Art Gallery in Um el Fahm

While it is not a Christian charity, nor located in a city with Christian significance, the Art Gallery in Um el Fahm is included among our supported charities in recognition of its efforts to promote reconciliation among the three great peoples in the Holy Land: Christians, Moslems and Jews, and for its efforts to serve as a counterweight to those who would tend toward extremism. 

n its own words, the Gallery's "means are meager and the road is long and difficult. With only [our extremely limited] existing means we have embarked on several different activities. Artists, curators and other professionals from different countries and different cultures have been invited to take part in this joint collaboration. The gallery has become an important social and cultural meeting place. The creative workshops, seminars, gallery talks, symposiums, large number of art exhibitions and unique display spaces have turned it into a central place in the local and international culture scene. [The Gallery is] an inviting place, capable of embracing and enriching, bridging gaps and connecting different cultures, all this in the heart of a troubled, war weary, region."

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