“My Galilee” Program
United Christian Communities Inc.
in conjunction with
ACCON: The American Cultural Center of Nazareth
and The American Mideast Leadership Network

From August 2nd to August 17th, selected American university students and young professionals will travel to the Galilee, where they will have the opportunity to participate in a unique program designed to blaze a new trail in US-Mideast relations. 

American participants, by partaking in the program with their Arab peers in the Galilee, will act as civic ambassadors on behalf of their country, directly addressing the issues that define US-Mideast relations. Through a series of open dialogue sessions, cultural excursions, meetings with prominent individuals in business and politics, and team-building exercises, both American  and Arab civic ambassadors will develop the skills, knowledge, and relationships to one day become the leaders that can effect positive change in the state of US-Mideast relations.
The two-week program will include:
  • Daily dialogue sessions with Arab University students facilitated by professional conflict-resolution specialists
  • Daily Arabic language classes
  • Cultural excursions and visits to sites of great significance to the Abrahamic religions, such as Jerusalem, Nazareth, Haifa, Tiberias and Akka
  • Town hall meetings and discussions with local leaders in the fields of education, religion, business, politics and culture
  • The opportunity to experience the culture, food and music of the Galilee first-hand
  • Homestays with Arab families

The “My Galilee” Program is an annual exchange that allows American university students and Christian university students of the Galilee—or "Citizen Ambassadors" as they are called by the program—to build connections and bridges of understanding at the citizen level and create opportunities for future interaction between them.

Christian American students travel to Galilee and dorm with Christians university students. Together, Americans and Christians of the Galilee participate in: dialogue sessions; media and communications workshops; and go on numerous excursions to sites rich in culture and history. American students also have the opportunity to take Arabic language courses. Through these activities, all participants develop communication, negotiation, critical thinking, leadership, and problem-solving skills that allow them to be more effective grassroots diplomats.

The Program’s Goals are:

mayor pic  
The 2012 Delegation with the Mayor of Bethlehem
Galilee Group Bahai Gardens 2011
The 2012 Delegation at the Bahai Center in Haifa



  • To create life long connections between Christians living in the Holy Land and Christians living outside the Holy Land.

  • To establish safe, open forums for participants to engage in face-to-face discussions on cultural, political, religious, and ethical issues.

  • To empower participants with necessary skills, training, and life experiences to support and inspire them as future international leaders.

  • To encourage participants to remain engaged and continue learning about each other after the formal program has ended. 

  • To educate Christians in the United States about the Christian communities in the Holy Land, and the factors contributing to their flight from the Holy Land, a flight that threatens their continued existence in the Holy Land.

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The cost for the 2013 “My Galilee” Program is $2,800 plus international travel, and includes: All domestic transportation Three daily meals Accommodation expenses An insurance package Entertainment Students will be responsible for personal spending expenses. Successful applicants will be required to attend a pre-departure orientation in New York. We are now accepting applications for our 2013 ‘My Galilee’ Leadership Program, which will take place from August 2nd – August 17th. Below please find the required forms along with an application check list and fact sheet. All forms below must be completed and sent in one email to info@UnitedChristianCommunities.org.

Recommendations and transcripts must be sent in a sealed envelop addressed to:
2013 My Galilee Leadership Program
PO Box 2156
Long Island City, NY 11102

2013 My Galilee Leadership Program Application

Essay A

Essay B

Application Check List

Quick Fact Sheet

For Any Questions Or Concerns Please Contact Us Via Phone at 347-924-9674
or by email at

Click here for information about ACCON: The American Cultural Center of Nazareth and The American MidEast Leadership Network


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