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One of the best way to begin to help the Christian communities in the Holy Land is to learn about them, to learn about the Holy Land, to learn about your religion and then to think about what they all mean, and can mean, to you.

And if you were to do all that, then you will find that that path is also one of the best ways to learn about yourself.

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For anyone who's ever pondered what everyday life was like during the time of Jesus comes a lively and illuminating portrait of the nearly unknown world of daily life in first-century Palestine.

What was it like to live during the time of Jesus?  Where did people live?  Who did they marry? And what was family life like? How did people survive?

These are just some of the questions that Scott Korb answers in this engaging new book, which explores what everyday life entailed two thousand years ago in first-century Palestine, that tumultuous era when the Roman Empire was at its zenith and a new religion-Christianity-was born.
'After so many news headlines, you suddenly spend time with ordinary locals, appreciate their everyday lives and the subtler shading in this complex, multicultural society, as well as learn fascinating facts about their culinary traditions and economic difficulties...' THE INDEPENDENT A memoir from the Holy Land told from a Christian perspective. Is it possible to live at peace in the midst of conflict? "From my perspective, both as a believer and as a diplomat, I take hope and comfort in knowing that amid all the hatred, destruction, and death, Father Chacour, [a four time nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize] continues his patient work, softening one heart at a time." James A. Baker III, U.S. Secretary of State, 1989-1992 In a region scarred by conflict, it is easy to forget the beauty of this area. In the small villages and large towns that dot the landscape, Palestinians are getting on with life: running businesses, going to university, farming, renovating and restoring.

It is the other face of Palestine, the one not represented in the daily images of the conflict'', says Stefan Szepesi, a Dutch economist and walking enthusiast.

Detailing all kinds of paths from paved roads to shepherd's trails, his book provides maps, information on historical sites, wildlife and local springs, as well as parking, public transport, accommodation, and - most importantly - where to eat.

The unexpected encounters are just wonderful, they are the most important part of walking … I have never regretted accepting the offer of tea or coffee,'' he says.

Christians in the Holy Land Today  
The Boston Globe's Middle East bureau chief uses the path traveled by Jesus to structure a vivid sketch of the often-overlooked Christian communities in the Holy Land sharing the stories of people he encounters in his travels and work. Chronicles the history and current state of Christianity in the Holy Land, describing each Christian denomination there and providing a country-by-country report on the present situation of the church. Reviewers comments: "This is a book that you will pick up over and over and over.
And you will be changed each time. A yearning will begin to stir in you, a yearning to draw closer to God.
" . . .In truth, the entire book is one you will want to reflect upon. It is filled with beautiful writing and wonderful photographs. "
There are hundreds of guidebooks deisgned for pilgrims and other visitors. The encounter with the stones which Jesus saw and touched has been, for many, a powerful spiritual experience. But the Christian presence is not just history. There are living, worshipping Christian communities in the Holy Land today. This unique guidebook is designed to help you encounter contemporary Christians in Israel, the Palestinian and Occupied Territories. Written half a century after the creation of the state of Israel, with the co-operation of all the Christian traditions in the Holy Land, it is a key companion for visitors who want to share for a while the thoughts and the life, witness and presence of those who now live the faith of the apostles in this troubled land. To protect their ancient churches from desecrating marauders on horseback, worshipers in the Holy Lands centuries ago sealed off most of their doors to keep the invaders outside their sacred halls, so the term, "narrow gate churches" began to be used to describe Christian churches in the land of our savior’s birth. This history of how Christians have survived for two millennia under stressful conditions is a tribute to the faith of the remnant community which has rather miraculously survived under hostile regimes and straitened conditions.
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The Holy Land Through Different Lenses
A memoir from the Holy Land told from a Jewish perspective. A memoir from the Holy Land told from a Muslim perspective. A memoir from the Holy Land told from a Christian perspective      
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Christians in the Holy Land Yesterday/Travel Literature
Stories told by John Moshus of the Christian people and places he encountered on his travels through the Holy Land in the Late 6th Century Re-enacting John Moshus' travels, encountering today's Christians and what one reviewer called the "dying [Christian] culture."  An attempt at an easily readable, non-biased, non-denominational history of Christianity. Written by a Christian Arab, a history of the remnant Christian community which has miraculously survived in the Holy Land for 2,000 under hostile regimes and straitened conditions.

This valuable collection of thirteen studies provides an overview of recent research on central issues concerning the history of late antique Gaz. This book covers a relatively neglected chapter in the complex and fascinating Christian history of the Holy Land.

This book is an excellent choice for visitors to the Holy Land who want to take an in-depth look at the area's historical sites. Among the special features are 150 site plans, maps, diagrams, and photographs; routes through the Old City of Jerusalem; a brief historical outline; and a glossary of essential terms and more than 70 shaded sidebars offer a mini-anthology of ancient texts. Centuries ago when Jesus walked the Earth, an ancient fishing vessel disappeared in the Sea of Galilee. Then in 1986 a record drought revealed the long hidden relic. Two fishermen first spotted it and when archaeologists arrived at the scene, a double rainbow appeared overhead. Was it a sign? Could this be the boat of Jesus Christ? Follow filmmaker Daniel Lusko to Israel as he chronicles the historic journey of what we now know as The Jesus Boat. This journey could change your life. Hosted by Pastor Skip Heitzig (Calvary of Albuquerque) Exclusive interviews with: Pat Robertson, Tim Lahye, Franklin Graham, Chuck Smith, Iand many more! Running time: 54 Minutes        
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Holy Land Travel Guides
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Holy Land Fiction
Sweeping fiction offering an insider's look at the daily life of a biblical group of mothers and wives told in the voice of Jacob's daughter Dinah, who offers stories of her four mothers, Rachel, Leah, Zilpah, and Bilhah, all wives to Jacob. The first of the Omar Yussef crime novels.  Omar is a modest 56-year-old Christian schoolteacher in the Dehaisha Palestinian refugee camp, becomes an unlikely detective amid the uncertainties and violence of modern Bethlehem. Israeli gunfire peppers the area, the Muslims mistrust the minority Christian population, and the Martyrs Brigade instills terror in virtually every group. The characters and the setting are so richly textured and the politicized events so wrenching that the mystery story becomes incidental. In this second Omar Yussuf Sirhan mystery novel the principled teacher turned-detective, who travels to Gaza from the West Bank. Omar Yussuf seeks to free a kidnapped colleagues'  as the auther take a hard look at the pervasive corruption and physical degeneration that characterize life in Gaza for all those trapped in that small territory. Rees enhances his novel with impressive explanations of the history of the area and, more interestingly, with one wonderful character study after another.  As intricate and good as the plot is in this novel, the character studies and descriptions of the place are even better. the third Omar Yussef mystery novel and another page turner, this time exploring the interplay between Hamas and Fatah in the West Bank town of Nablus as Omar Yussef is driven to solve the murder of the son of the religious leader of the small Samaritan tribe. If you want to learn about Palestine and its people, these novels are as good a place as any to start-- and you get some great detective stories too.

  A woman's mid-life flight to the Holy Land as she questions her marriage and her life. Not the typical inspirational novel, but part travelogue, part history lesson, part Bible study, blending a wonderful story with empathetic characters.   In the words of reviewers: "one of those rare, absorbing novels that grabs you from the first page and simply doesn't let go."  "In the same caliber as "The Red Tent". " "No longer am I an observer reading [Bible] stories from afar. I am now a participant, living the stories with the characters that experienced them." Fiction covering the history of the Holy Land, from Roman times to the present day by putting you right into the lives of three women: Leah, one of the early Christians; Hannah, an archeologist; and Rachel, Hannah's daughter. A semi-autobiographical "elaborate tapestry" by an Israeli Christian Arab that  interweaves the 150-year history of the author's clan in Fassuta, a village in northern Israel. In the words of one reviewer: "It is highly poetic prose and a magical exploration of childhood."  
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Photographs of the Holy Land
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The Israeli-Palestinian Dispute
"A book of extraordinary power and integrity written [that] takes that great tale of flight and conquest and tells it . . . with precision and moral economy, with awesome detail and honesty." The Washington Post Book World The story of Lebanon and Israel in the 1980s that, in the words of one reviewer, "greatly broaden my perspective and empathy for people on all sides of the Middle East conflicts."  Mosab Hassan Yousef, as the oldest son of a founding member of Hamas, was groomed to assume his father's legacy, politics, status and power. But Mosab turned away from terror and violence, and embraced instead the teachings of another famous Middle East leader, Jesus. Now called "Joseph"-he tells of his spiritual journey, reveals new information about the workings of Hama, his dangerous decision to make his newfound faith public, and his belief that the Christian mandate to "love your enemies" is the only way to peace in the Middle East.      
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Reading Suggestions from Our Visitors  
Recommended by Pastor Wayne.  "Too often we see people react to what they don't like about the church. In From Eternity to Here, Frank Viola offers up the doctrine which causes him to act on behalf of the church. Make no doubt about it--Frank is a provocateur and an artist-- and both come through in this book. Frank continues to challenge the church-at-large with a powerful mind, an impassioned voice, and a love for the Bride of Christ. You need to get this book and wrestle with Frank through the biblical passages regarding our identity in Christ as His body and the mission our God has entrusted to us."
~Ed Stetzer, author of Breaking the Missional Code.

Recommended by Pastor Wayne.  "Chan describes at length the sorry state of lukewarm Christians who strive for a life characterized by control, safety and an absence of suffering. In stark contrast, the book offers real-life accounts of believers who have given all—time, money, health, even their lives—in obedience to Christ's call.Chan also recounts his own attempts to live crazy by significantly downsizing his home and giving away his resources to the poor. Earnest Christians will find valuable take-home lessons from Chan's excellent book."

Born in  Kfar Burum, a village on the border with Lebanon that was razed along with other villages following the creation of Israel, he was raised on the mean streets of Beirut during the chaos of the Lebanese civil war and practiced the oud while his friends did things nice people living in nice places simply do not do.   He is Maronite Christian Marwan Abado, composer, singer and master oud player who is helping to reinvigorate Arab music by integrating Western influences while keeping it true to its roots.        

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