About Us

United Christian Communities Inc.
is a tax-exempt New York, USA not-for-profit corporation.

Our offices are located at:
Suite 901
315 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017 USA

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Our Board of Directors

Fred Redd, born and raised in Texas and now living in New York City, Fred is Director, Project Management Office (PMO) at Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Prior to that position he founded and was president of Project Management Resource Group, Inc s a project management consulting firm specializing in the industries of engineering, project/program management, construction management, transit, communication and information technologies. Fred has held a 3 year tenure track position as an Assistant Professor of Construction Management at Syracuse University’s Utica College and also taught 3 years as an Adjunct Professor at New York University. He also served as Honorary Chairman of the Business Advisory Council in Washington D.C. and was the recipient of the 2006 Businessman of the Year Award by the congressional committee. In addition, Fred is also a professional opera singer, performing in New York City, nationally and internationally, when time permits.

Jeannie Forrest, Ph.D.
, spent her childhood and young adulthood in Utah and Wyoming and now lives in New Jersey.  She is the Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations at the New York University School of Law.  In addition Jeannie ministers to many individuals who find her warmth and wisdom invaluable.

Nancy Humphreys
, raised in New Jersey and currently living in New York City and Lakeville, CT, is a “retired” senior officer of Citibank and formerly was a senior officer at J.P. Morgan.  She currently is a very active member of the board of Salisbury Bank and Trust Company and is also active in her local church affairs.  In addition if it has four legs and fur and is lost and/or hungry, there is an excellent chance you will find it has lived with Nancy for a greater or lesser period of time.

Rami Nuseir
received an Undergraduate Degree in Law from the University of Herefordshire, England, a Masters in International Comparative Law from the University of San Diego, and most recently a Masters in Intellectual Property from the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law in New York City.  His professional career has included a wide array of non and for profit work. He was a Banking Litigation Attorney in Haifa, an Adjunct Contract and Constitutional Law Professor at the Baruch College Law and Paralegal Program in New York City, and for the non for profit organization Seeds of Peace, he was the head Arab Outreach coordinator, a key fundraiser, and the liaison between the organization and many of its nation wide chapters. He was working as the head Legal Council for The Arab American Family Support Center, the only such center in all of New York City.  Currently living in New York City, Rami is the Founder of the American Cultural Center of Nazareth ( ACCON ) and of the American MidEast Leadership Network ( AMLN) not-for-profit organizations that aim to empower Arab youth and to bridge professionals, educators and philanthropists from the Middle East and the United States through educational and cultural exchanges, which will inspire the emergence of future leaders in both regions who are equipped with a more thorough understanding of each other's cultural, religious and political lives.

Merrie Webel is a lawyer practicing in New York and New Jersey.  She specializes in estates, and also has expertise in not-for-profit law.  In addition she has a general practice and experience with transactions in parts of the the Holy Land.

Richard Robbins
, raised in New Jersey and living in New York City, is the founder and former-president of Abernethy & Richie Inc. which, through its 21st Century Offices Division, provides executive offices, virtual offices and other business support services to clients worldwide and, through its LawCost Management Division, provides cost consulting services to legal departments of large corporations.  Rick also sits on the boards of several not-for-profit corporations.  In addition he is the President of United Christian Communities.