Did you know christian communities are living in the Holy land?   BUT  . . .

The Christian Communities in the Holy Land are in Distress.  Economically.  Politically.  Socially.

Put politics aside. 

Focus on solutions, not blame.

Get Informed.  Become Concerned.

Help Christians to survive and thrive in the Holy Land.


In an increasingly secular world . . . .

. . . ensuring that strong, vibrant Christian communities remain in the Holy Land not only serves to preserve Christian heritage, but to maintain the Holy Land as a symbol that has acted over the ages, however imperfectly, as a unifying force amongst Christians


In an increasingly contentious world . . .

. . . strong, vibrant
Strong, vibrant Christian communities in the Holy Land constitute a small but necessary buffer between the Holy Land’s dominant religions and cultures and also as an integral element in developing a democratic, tolerant, and pluralistic Middle East


in an ever more fragmented world . . .

. . .  the preservation of Christian communities in the Holy Land is inextricably linked to the marvel and promise of the Holy Land, which lies in the variety of its peoples and the example they have often provided to the rest of the humankind when exercising their faiths peacefully side by side. 


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